Automotive Industry
Tocana Plastics has been at the forefront of plastic innovation for the automotive industry. From infill panels, rear view camera lenses to products non functional purely aesthetic Tocana Plastics has successfully supplied a wide range of manufacturers: Land Rover, Volkswagon, Toyota, Nissan and Mercedes to name but a few.

Transport Industry
Our successful experiences with the automotive industry has led us further into the area of transport. We are now actively involved in the production of a range of diverse products produced for the rail and road sectors. In this field we work with government agencies, their subcontractors and multinational corporations such as Hyundai and Scandia.

Power and Energy
This is an area in which Tocana Plastics has placed a considerable amount of investment, both in human and capital resources. Our business development executives have been very active in recent years in establishing us as a solution provider for hardware manufacturers in this field. As a consequence, Tocana Plastics is currently involved in a number of innovative projects from generation of renewable energy to distribution.

Tocana Plastics has a proven track record in designing manufacturing solutions. In more recent years we have complemented our design service with a full in house tooling and prototyping operation. We can now take a concept, design a product, produce a prototype and develop this to a finished product.

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