Electrical Industry

We have worked with the leaders in electricity supply in Ireland and the UK, specialising in the insulation and isolation of low, medium and high voltage electrical distribution systems.

Our engineers have worked in the field and designed and developed as wide range of custom insulation products that can be retro-fitted to old technologies in the area of distribution panels and power systems.

We do a lot of work in the area of storage technologies, in particular EMS companies who produce server and cloud computing systems. We have developed a range of specialist information and thermal management products which are at the cutting edge of this technology.

  • Electric Vehicle Battery Casings
  • Battery Insulations
  • Inverter Insulations
  • Micro-inverter Insulations
  • Thermal Management Materials
  • Heat Deflection Products
  • Compression/Set Resistance Materials
  • Isolation Products for Power Systems
  • Sealing Products for Turbines
  • Shrouds for Thermal Imaging Cameras

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